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If your opponent wins the next point, it’s 15-15. And so on until someone reaches game (scores four points). However, a player must win by two clear points. So if the score moves to 40-40 then the game will go to deuce, where a player must earn an advantage point before then earning the game-winning point.

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According to the rules of this sport, tennis players are not allowed to hit the ball more than once. One has to hit the tennis ball before it bounces a second time. If a player touches the net using their racket or body, they can lose the point.

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After several evaluations Unibet has set the line for voiding bets at the end of first set as we believe this rule favours both sides as much as possible. We think that the match has to be played to a certain extent in order to settle bets properly even though a player gets an injury.

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1.2 The “Unibet Rules" are the terms and conditions constituting the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the Account Holder and Unibet, and governing the contractual relationship between Unibet and the Account Holder. The Unibet Rules supersede and merge all prior agreements, representations and understandings between the Account Holder and Unibet.

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Tennis Rules Betting Type 2a – Bets are only valid if the full match is completed. In this case, bets are only valid if the entire event is completed fully. If a player retires early, all bets are voided. There are no exchanges in this category, so you should not have bets with other bookies in this category.

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The main tennis betting rules of Betfair are: the Change of the Number of Sets Rule, which suggests that if the scheduled duration of the game is reduced/increased due to the change of the number of sets needed for a win, all bets will be void except for the “Match Odds” and “Set Winner” bets.

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However, tennis arbitrage betting is fraught with rules differences between bookmakers, which have the potential to catch out unsuspecting arbers, exposing them to losses (more on this later). If you are brand new to the concept of sports arbitrage betting and surebets, I recommend that you read my introduction to the topic via the link below.